Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheesy Chicken, Rice & Broccoli

4 Chicken breasts cooked and let cool then cubed
2 cans cream of chicken soup
3-4 cubes of chicken bouillonsalt & pepper to taste
1 big jar (or 2- 8 oz. jars) of cheese whiz
frozen or fresh cooked broccoli (optional, but so yummy!)
3 cups cooked rice

I cook the chicken (frozen) on 400 degrees for an hour, I put some butter and garlic pepper to help season and flavor the chicken. When the chicken is about done, stir together in a large pan, the cream of chicken soup, bouillon, salt and pepper, and cheese whiz. Heat through. Add the cubed chicken and broccoli. The frozen broccoli you don't need to cook first, but the fresh you do. Heat that through. Add the cooked rice and heat through. Enjoy!I tried this the first time with like Ragu cheese or something, because the store I went to didn't have Cheese wasn't good at all! Make sure you get Cheese Whiz! Just a little tip! This meal is so easy, and SO YUMMY! Also note that this recipe makes enough for about 4 people, but we make it so we have leftovers for lunch the next day! Enjoy, we sure did!!!

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